Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Horse Head Mask can make you famous

I'm gonna borrow comedian Louis C.K.'s "off course ... but maybe" bit from his recent HBO special here.

Of course Hurricane Sandy was one of the worst things to ever happen to the Jersey Shore. Of course ... BUT MAYBE something awesome came out of it. Something like this guy (above) running down a street in a horse mask on live TV.

Now you too can make a major-league asshole of yourself in front of millions thanks to Fred Flare, who is selling a Horse Head Mask for $26.

Or did that guy actually buy his mask on Fred Flare, and we have Fred Flare to thank for that?


Either way, it's pretty awesome, and if you get bored of the Horse Mask you can always go Unicorn.

Check out these two items and the other awesome merch at

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