Sunday, April 29, 2012

SkyMall photo of the week: Portable Infrared Sauna

Little known fact No. 1: You don't need an iPad, cool in-flight movie or cart loads of booze to entertain yourself on an airplane. All you need is the good ol' SkyMall magazine and a couple of pens, and you're set. The magazine is packed with all sorts of unnecessary close-up shots of weird looking people in odd poses - ripe for drawing mustaches, beards, uni-brows, glasses, devil horns, clown apparel, drug paraphernalia, additional body parts, Max Hedroom hair ... you get the picture.

Anyone understand this? Anyone?
Little known fact No. 2: You don't even need to be on an airplane to do this, because you can fire up and sift through their entire catalog of insanity anytime.

That's gonna happen at least once a week here at Toast + Butter = Good, and when I did it tonight it was a bonanza and so-bad-it's-good. Not only do we get a lady looking very strange - and a little too happy? - while zipped up in SkyMall's Portable Infrared Sauna, but we get a lady looking very strange and a little too happy in a Portable Sauna that costs $399.99.

Did we mention it's portable? Na, no one will mistake you for Michael Douglas in "Falling Down" when you lug what appears to be a tent made out of electrical tape boasting two powerful 600-watt heaters that crank to penetrating levels in only one minute into the Comfort Inn off the exit that leads to Dummyville.

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